Sweat It Off provides custom high quality Active Lifestyle Apparel for Men, Women and Children with hundreds of designs, and tens of colour choices available from our suppliers.

Our objective is to provide apparel that continues to add value long after you campaign.

Working together with our clients, we provide an end to end solution covering design, warehousing, and distribution of apparel across Southern Africa.



We can provide custom branded apparel from 48 pieces. We can work with your design team or we can assist with design resources that can help with design.

If you are looking at smaller quanties, have a look at our online store

Although Sweat Activated Technology can be applied to the fabrics we provide, and itis a great way tomake your campaign stand out further, it is not a requirement for our customs orders.

We take advantageof economies of scale. The more units are ordered, the lower the per unit cost. Other determining factors would be the type of apparel, silk screening, whether you need Sweat Activated Technology, shipping method and urgency. We can provide pricing ideas from a brief

Custom orders can take between 4 - 12 weeks from when we have signoff on the design.

Yes, we can look at just providing apparel. And we can also provide apparel with Sweat Activated Technology and silk screening can be done by a 3rd party

We are based in Johannesburg, but do travel across our territory. You can Contact Us from our visit our online store

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