Feeling like a BOSS when training

What makes you feel invincible? Your Christian Louboutin's, Clive Christian cologne, a new hairstyle? I feel I can take on almost anything strutting Ted Baker.

It's no different with physical activity. Having the right gear can make you feel invinsible, giving you the motivation to be and do your best. But then there is the 'shame' of sweating.

Sweat is natural, virtually odourless,  and our bodies version of A/C, keeping us cool when we are hot. Body odour is caused by bacteria that thrive and grow when we sweat, and the fix for body odour is decent deo, and making sure we keep.

At Sweat It Off, keep our customers motivated by rewarding their sweat and turning sweat into additional motivation to keep them going.

We achieve this with ViewSPORT's patent pending Sweat Activated Technology (SAT) that is  applied to apparel we provide. With the SAT, a hidden message is revealed when the fabric gets wet from water or sweat. The more you sweat, the more visible the message.

So get out there and get fit. Get motivated.